Here is presented a production workstation. Smartphones are arranged on the table and the person in charge is scanning one.


Quality level of refurbishment processes applied mobile phones is essential for a successful customer experience.

We do not perform any heavy repairs on smartphones. This is the way to guarantee their use over a long period of time.

The products we offer are compliant with manufacturer’s requirements. We only use genuine spare parts for this purpose.

Continuous improvement

Tools that we have created are being developed to facilitate our operations. In this way, we guarantee reliability and efficiency of our refurbishment processes.

Traceability system enables us to analyse history of a product and identify any possible anomalies.

Tailor-made support software is frequently used for testing, condition sorting and packaging. These solutions facilitate and improve our operations. Procedures determine conduct of good practices in the company. They are defined by the experience gained every day.

a large number of mobile phones undergoing an innovative test developed by the company
Here we see a customer service package ready to be picked up by the production team.

Reverse logistics

An efficient management of buy-back and return flows of products entrusted to us is ensured.

For this purpose we develop and use our own tools for tickets management and communication.

Our customer care service and logistics departments act with coordination, speed and agility.