reconditioning specialists
and used mobile distribution

Our vision

Since its creation in 2005, ecofone has specialised in the supply, refurbishment and distribution of used mobile phones.

Over the years, the Ile-de-France-based company has participated with responsibility and application in the evolution of a sustainable consumption pattern.

We will continue to have a positive environmental impact by developing the ecological, social and economic potential of this market, which continues to expand.

We can see here en employee from the production team ready to pack a used mobile. He holds in his left hand the smartphone and in his right hand one of our warranty cards.

Here a used mobile is meticulously inspected by a production employee under a white light in order to determine the condition of the device.


The second life of a smartphone must be a satisfying experience for its user. Used devices are unique, so their distribution requires specific know-how.

Our innovations in logistics, reconditioning, customer service and computerised systems are criteria of excellence. That’s why our customers trust us.